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We don’t discuss relatability enough when it comes to the Asian-American experience in the United States.

Source: WIRED

Everybody loves a good comeback story — we have the underdogs, the rags-to-riches, the failures-to-successes, you name it. Each and every one of them armed with a unique narrative that kept their protagonists (or anti-heroes) grinding even when the going got tough and pushed them to their breaking point.

And then you have David Chang, celebrated alumnus of my alma mater, the author of “Eat a Peach”, founder of the decorated Momofuku restaurant chain and creator of his very own Sputnik, Majordomo Media. I’d…

How Clubhouse’s virtual community can address safety issues for women by staying aware of these 3 problems.

Source: Film Daily

These days, it almost seems that with the advent of every hyped-up new social application comes a slew of bad press regarding the impact that its effects might have on the general user population — Clubhouse is no exception to the rule.

After spending a week on the “exclusive” audio-listening app, I feel as if I’m part of a larger social experiment of 2,000,000 people who are eager to network under clandestine settings with industry professionals and peers with shared interests.

For everybody who has wondered what it’s like to be the “gatekeeper” of your company, here’s a peek inside our job.

Source: Richard Hughes Jones

When I was 25, I made my transition from agency recruitment towards in-house recruitment at a fast-growing media company; a decision that I didn’t realize at the time would impact the course of my career path for the next three years to come.

A major detail that I quickly learned, thanks to a former male co-worker of mine who stayed in agency recruitment, was that in-house recruiters typically garner poor reputations for being unreliable at managing expectations, poor at…

Employers and admissions committees are starting to screen for these qualities in candidates — here’s how you can develop them yourself.

Source: Vulture

I had an unfortunate “Emily in Paris” moment recently when I stopped to pick up dessert at a French bakery in Midtown, New York.

Clearly, my French-speaking skills from high school were way past their prime — when I made an attempt to order eclairs in different flavors, I was stopped mid-sentence by the blonde cashier behind the pastry display who told me, with a crisp smile, that she “couldn’t hear what I was saying”.

In translation, “please speak English”.

In retrospect, I probably should have known that my struggling accent and horrendous grammar would not have impressed a native…

Even if cancelling on others is frowned upon, sometimes you just need to do it — especially right now.


During a virtual fall networking event, I was placed on the spot to give my introduction by saying my name and then listing a pet peeve of mine.

I didn’t even have to think twice when the attention on the Zoom call centered on me. …

What we can learn from academia on hosting healthy dialogues around opposing ideas instead of stamping them out.

Source: Emojipedia

If you’ve never heard of the “Harkness method” before, here’s your chance to learn more about a piece of classroom history that has fueled an abundance of educational discussions since the 1930s.

Back in high school, the curriculum that I was enrolled in employed this style of learning in our Humanities class, which involved a group of around twelve students facilitating debates over specific topics that could range from role-playing Greek philosophers to argue about what constitutes a just society to dissections…

Never Have I Ever Season 1 — 2020

First of all, I’d like to salute the last decade as being a beacon of representation for Indian-American talent in the media industry — wait, pause for a moment, I meant Indian talent who are NOT just portraying Hollywood stereotypes which have been hammered into our visual conceptions of American TV/movie characters for years.

Here’s to Kal Penn, Jameela Jamil, Kumail Nanjiani, Aziz Ansari, Lilly Singh, Hannah Simone, Dev Patel and company for steering the ship for us South Asian viewers who grew up on films and sitcoms with unrelatable characters and exaggerated personalities of brown-skinned men and women who…


Trinity College ’15. Incoming MBA’23 candidate. Former media/fintech recruiter currently based in NYC.

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